Graphic Design

I believe good design should be simple in order to best express the core of an idea. If you are interested have a look at my portfolio!

UX/UI Design

Design is better when it’s made for a person in mind. Please have a look at my portfolio!

Motiongraphic Design

What’s better than static images? Moving images of course. Taking graphics  and animating them allows me to add that something special to a design.

Video Post Production

Adding that extra oomph to videos. Check out my portfolio to find out more!


Ting (Cindy) Cao is a digital media artist formerly working as a designer in the marketing department at Electronic Arts. She specializes in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics,  Video Production, Design Thinking & Ethnography and Photography. Her work maintains a strategic focus on communication, narrative and user centric design processes for digital media. She has an interest in pursuing further opportunities which encompasses art, technology, education, aesthetics and entertainment together with creative designed projects, new media applications and culturally relevant artistic experiences.

  • Motiongraphic Design 95%
  • Graphic Design 95%
  • Logo Design 95%
  • UX/UI Design 80%
  • Game Design 80%
  • Videography 90%
  • Video Editing 90%
  • Post Production 85%
  • Design Thinking 90%
  • Photography 90%
  • Colour Correcting 80%
  • Fine Art 85%